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Building Your ThorneyCroft Trucks

Here are some exploded views to help with building your Thorneycroft Lorries.

First the basic chassis and standard pieces.

Building your Thorneycroft Lorries

Fitting the mud guards

Do this BEFORE fitting the front axle and wheels, but do a dry run first to ensure a good fit.

The longer mudguards are for the rear and are attached directly to the body of the vehicle.

The shorter front mudguards attach to the vehicle using the wire supplied. The shorter (40mm) wire length is the rear mount Fit this at the rear of the spring where it attaches to the chassis ensuring it is centred.

The forward (55mm) wire length needs bending to shape. Centre this under the chassis and bend upwards at the edge of the chassis, then horizontal to form the front mount. Repeat this for the other side.

Next, depending on which version you are building you will want either the civilian or military cabs.

Civilian Cab

Military Cab

Once the cabs are completed it is time to put on the back.

The simplest form is the flatbed:

The Pickup is as follows:-

Finally the Stakebed goes together like this:-