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Crossley 19.6 Background

The Crossley 19.6 was produced by the Crossley Motors Ltd of Manchester England between 1921 and 1926. A total of seven variants were produced during this time and Sloppy Jalopy have chosen to reproduce the three which we feel would be most suited to both wargaming and model railways.


Some of the cars were certainly sent overseas and one ended up in the service of the Nawab of Bahawalpur. We feel they would be ideal for both English Cthulu type games and Back of Beyond, Middle Eastern and Asian campaigns.


To help with painting your models, the following colour schemes are taken from 1922 catalogue.


5 seater tourer   deep green, battleship grey, tabac brown or smoke blue each with matching leather upholstery
5 seater saloon & 4 seater coupe   bright royal blue, deep mauve or neutral grey with Bedford cord or leather upholstery


The wings were always in black.


All the information above is taken from the Crossley Motors website which is well worth a visit and includes photographs of the cars along with many technical details.


Thanks are also due to Malcolm Asquith and the Crossley Register who helped with technical details about the cars to try and make the models as accurate as possible. It goes without saying that any errors are of our doing and not theirs.