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WW1 & Interwar Vehicles

The 1/48th Scale Interwar Range

Here you will find details of our range of 1/48th scale, white metal, trucks, cars and other vehicles suitable for collectors, modellers, wargamers and model railway / railroad settings between the first and second world wars. They are designed by some of the finest model makers working in the business today.

Each white metal vehicle comes unpainted in a kit form consisting of an average of 15-20 pieces, which are easily assembled using proprietary glue. We recommend gel-type cyanoacrylate (superglue!). Each kit includes a diagram to assist in its construction.

Linked to the details for each model you will find a hyperlink to a background page which includes more information on each model, including which date they came into production, which theatre of warfare they were used in, and links to interesting internet resource pages.


The 1/48th scale has been chosen as we believe it is the most suitable scale for use with the larger 28mm figures, which are so popular today. As there is some variation even within this single scale, we have chosen to make the vehicles to a scale most suitable for use with Copplestone Castings "Back of Beyond" and "High Adventure" ranges. However they will serve equally well with other 28mm figures of this period. Whilst initially they look quite big, they are true scale compared to the figures, and where possible we have included pictures on the background pages with people standing nearby for comparison.


IWV003 Ford AA Stakebed in use by armed archaeologists in Central Asia.

Railway / Railroad Modelers

These vehicles are suitable for use with North American `O` Gauge railways, and their all metal construction makes them ideal for use with garden railways, just use plenty of varnish when youve finished painting them! Ideal for the heyday of steam power, some of them would have survived to be true sloppy jalopies by the time the Deltics and others took over.


Our kits are designed with functionality in mind, and have a good level of detail. They can also form the basis for super-detailing or conversion projects. In the early period we are covering, there was a tendency to adapt and convert vehicles on a local level, so search the Internet or your bookshelves for a vast array of possible conversion jobs! The background pages will give you a starting point for your research.


IWV006 & IWV005 Crossley 19.6 Coupe and Tourer painted by Tom Weiss

Coming soon!

  • More Austins and other WW1 Armoured cars and trucks.
  • Citroen Kegresse half-tracks, for those croisieres, with early war variants for your dragon-portes.
  • More trucks, and gangster cars.


Let us know what you would like us to produce next. Is there a particular car or truck from between the wars that would go just perfectly with your game? Let us know and we will see what we can do.

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