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Ford AA

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The Ford AA

The Ford AA truck was produced by the Ford Motor Company of Detroit from 1928 to 1931 in both 1 ton and 1½ ton variants. The models produced by Sloppy Jalopy are of the 1½ ton variant and we have chosen to build four of the commonest types available; the Stakebed, Flatbed, Pickup and Panel Van. In addition to these versions, there were also Dump Truck, Tanker and Tow Truck (Wrecker) variants produced. Local adaptation led to even more variation with Mail Truck, Fire Engine, Ambulance and Bus versions being produced.


Ford AA trucks were made under licence in many countries and can be found in almost every corner of the globe. Countries making Ford AA trucks under licence included Sweden, France Denmark and the USSR where, from 1932 until after the Second World War, the AA formed the basis for the famous Gaz Truck. For more information and pictures of the Gaz please see the Gaz pages on the Oldtimer Picture Gallery website.


The Truck had a 4 cylinder, 200 cubic inch engine producing 40 horse power which, for the time, made it a very powerful vehicle.


The Ford AA was well suited for adaptation for military purposes and a number of countries experimented with armoured versions.


In 1931 the Danish Army experimented with the Ford AA truck as the basis for a new cheap armoured car. The results of these trials can be seen in a series of three photographs to be found at the Danish Army Pages.


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