About Us

Our philosophy is that our vehicles should 'look right' with the wargames figures you use on your mniature wargames table, hence the difference in scales. Great War and Inter-War (or Pulp Era) figures nominally developed for 28mm gaming actually tend to be on the large size, so fit better with 1/48th scale vehicles. Other manufacturers have released vehicles for this period but they tend to look too small. Likewise for the post colonial period (the second half of the twentieth century) the figures commercially available tend to be nearer to a true 28mm size, smaller than the earlier period, and so we decided to scale the vehicles for this period to a 1/56th scale.

About Us

1/48th trucks and other things from the Great War and Inter-War periods, 1/56th cold war vehicles and just arrived 28mm VBCW characters...

Company Overview

From the people that bring you Partizan this is our company for wargames products. Supplying vehicles and other stuff to complement your games in scales that look right with your figures.

General Information

Sloppy Jalopy took over the complementary ranges from Chieftain (designed by the same designer, to the same scale) and are slowly releasing those models as part of the Sloppy Jalopy range of Cold War vehicles and accessories. We are also slowly expanding the earlier period ranges, and yes, we will eventually release the Citroen-Kegresse...


Resin and metal vehicles and accessories for miniature wargaming - Great War and Inter-War in 1/48th, and post war in 1/56th - scales that 'look right' with your figures.